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Member Referral Service

How can I find a Six Sigma Black Belt? Do you know of any good leadership coaches? Where can I find a reputable trainer in diversity? I need a facilitator for my next strategic planning retreat.

Do those comments sound familiar? Today, it is sometimes difficult to find experts to help with various improvement efforts. Usually, organizations rely on word of mouth and networking. But this is not only time-consuming and inefficient, it also carries with it a certain amount of risk – how do you know that a vendor is qualified or how do you feel comfortable that he/she will satisfy your requirements?

The Minnesota Council for Quality will begin offering a Vendor Referral Service in early 2003. This service will be a web-enabled database that allows you to search for vendors that satisfy your requirements – a “yellow pages” for consultants, trainers, facilitators, and coaches that specialize in organization improvement.

If you are a member and want to learn more about this service, or if you are a vendor and are interested in potentially being listed in this service, please contact us.

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