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Improvement Clearinghouse

Welcome to the Minnesota Council for Quality’s improvement Clearinghouse, a web-enabled resource center that provides information and resources for improving organizational performance. In this Clearinghouse, you will find valuable information such as white papers, articles, links to other websites, benchmarking resources, announcements of improvement-related events, and improvement-related vendors. The Clearinghouse is intended to be a comprehensive resource center for organizations desiring information on improvement frameworks, techniques, and tools.

We hope you find value in our Clearinghouse. If you have material to add to the Clearinghouse, please submit it to the Council for consideration. And if you have feedback for on the Clearinghouse itself, please let us know so we can improve the quality of our service.


The Minnesota Council for Quality does not endorse nor warrant any products, services, or materials displayed in the Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse is intended to be a resource for the marketplace and is supplied with material by the marketplace. The Council reserves the right to refuse advertising and material that we deem to be unsuitable for this website. Persons submitting articles retain publication rights.

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