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For Evaluators: 2003 Schedule

The following are key dates for Evaluators in 2003. For consideration of the 2003 Board of Evaluators, individuals can attend either the spring or fall training session.

  Spring Fall
New Evaluator Applications Due February 21, 2003 To be announced
Evaluator Criteria Training
Prerequisite for new Evaluators
March 4, 2003 To be announced
Returning Evaluator Applications Due March 26, 2003 To be announced
Evaluator Training
New and Returning Evaluators
April 1-3, 2003 To be announced
Team Leader Training To be announced To be announced


After the successful completion of training, Evaluators will be placed on one or more teams throughout 2003, depending on their availability and potential conflicts of interest. Once assigned, an assessment cycle usually takes between 75-90 calendar days depending on the complexity of the applicant and other circumstances. Click here for more information on the 2003 assessment schedule from the applicant’s perspective.

To offset the costs of our training and to recognize the benefits of the content, we charge a small fee for our Evaluator training. First-year Evaluators is $500 for members ($600 for non-members), second-year Evaluators is $250 for members ($300 for non-members), and third-year Evaluators (and beyond) is free. A limited number of scholarships are available from corporate contributions.

Interested in joining the 2003 Board of Evaluators?
Apply now by submitting an application.


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