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For Evaluators: Benefits of Becoming an Evaluator

Participating on the Board of Evaluators contributes to the improvement and competitiveness of Minnesota businesses and organizations. The Minnesota Council for Quality depends entirely upon a volunteer Board of Evaluators and Panel of Judges to evaluate applicant organizations and to recommend Minnesota Quality Award levels. The Board of Evaluators consists of approximately 60-75 members, including seven to nine Judges and 10-15 Team Leaders. Evaluators are selected based on their sector experience, their education background, their knowledge of improvement practices that lead to performance excellence, their professional experience, and their writing/verbal communication skills.

There are many benefits – both to the individual as well as to his/her organization – of joining the Board of Evaluators. The following are likely benefits for the individual Evaluator:
  • Strengthen your ability to use the Criteria for Performance Excellence for organizational assessment and improvement
  • Network with peers across the state and enhance your own professional growth
  • Form relationships with evaluation team members that oftentimes last well beyond the current year process
  • Review performance of organizations throughout the state, possibly identifying best practices
There are also benefits for the individual’s sponsoring organization:
  • Evaluators receive comprehensive, valuable training on the Criteria for Performance Excellence, furthering their understanding of validated leading-edge organizational practices
  • Evaluators develop (or expand) several skills that can be applied at their home organization. These skills include: consensus-building, team-building, analysis, interpersonal, written communication, interviewing, systems thinking.
  • Evaluators can identify potential good practices that may benefit their sponsoring organization or clients.
  • Evaluators review and comment on written organization applications (either narrative or survey-based), and then participate in consensus and a site visit of the applicant organization to verify and clarify preliminary findings.
The following are general expectations of the Board of Evaluators:
  • Disclose potential conflicts of interest and abide by the Code of Ethical Standards.
  • Participation in training. Training is four days for new Evaluators, three for returning. Training includes approximately 10-15 hours of pre-work, and is $600 for new Evaluators ($500 for members), $300 for second-year Evaluators ($250 for members), and complementary for third-year and beyond. A limited number of scholarships are available from corporate contributions.
  • Full participation in the overall process, including participation in the independent review of an application (or survey), consensus, site visit, and (for Team Leaders) Improvement Planning. The time commitment can range from 80 to 120 hours, spread over a three to four month period.
  • The program depends on voluntary support. Where activities are not supported by their employers, the Council will reimburse Evaluators for travel and expenses related to the evaluation. However, the Evaluator is responsible for reimbursing the Council for training if he/she does not fulfill his/her responsibility as an Evaluator.
  • To promote continuous improvement, Evaluators will be requested to participate in a peer and process review at the end of the Award cycle.
  • Members of the Board of Evaluators are also asked to contribute to the program through outreach and educational activities, as time permits.
Participating on the Board of Evaluators is a wonderful learning and networking opportunity. Look at what some Evaluators have to say about the experience:

“The experience of being an Evaluator can be hard work. But if you stick with it, it can be one of the most rewarding developmental experiences of your career."

Jim Hill, Nuclear Management Company

“Being an evaluator for the Minnesota Council for Quality was an awesome opportunity. During this process I had an opportunity to share my knowledge with the other Evaluators and learn more about what makes organizations perform well. If you want an opportunity to leverage your knowledge, learn new ideas, work with highquality people, and have fun, then you should be an Evaluator for the Minnesota Council for Quality."

Craig Siiro, Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP

Interested in joining the 2003 Board of Evaluators?
Apply now by submitting an application.


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